Car Wash

  • Car Wash
  • Size: 28'L x 11'W x 12'H
  • Height: 12'H
  • Power: 1 outlet
  • Occupancy: 6
  • Height Requirement: 24"

Take yourself and get washed in water as you enter. Careful, the scrubbers may get you as you walk through. Plenty of blower holes throughout the game provide a constant stream of air to cool you as you walk through. A big hit at any event that cools you down!

We are great for...

Company Picnics, College / University Events, Town Festivals, Town Days, After Prom / Post Grad Party, School Carnivals, Field Days, Summer Camps, Camp Carnival, Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, Clubs, Synagogues / Temples, Private Events, Birthday Parties, Picnics

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